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Pilots Daily and Final Standings

Congratulations to our
2013 Winners

US National Championship
1. Paul Petrehn
2. Rhett Heartsill
3. Pat Cannon
4. Jeff Pestun
5. Joe Zvada
6. John Petrehn
7. Nick Donner
8. Kinnie Gibson
9. Chase Donner
10 Cory Bloom

Great Texas Balloon Race
1. Wil LaPointe
2. Ron Frusher
3. Colleen Johnson

Texas State Champion
Rhett Heartsill

Final Standings for 2012

BFA US National Championship
1st Place - Chase Donner
2nd Place - John Petrehn
3rd Place - Rhett Heartsill
4th Place - Bill Baker
5th Place - Joe Zvada
6th Place - Nick Donner
7th Place - Cory Bloom
8th Place - Paul Petrehn
9th Place - Shawn Raya
10th Place - Joe Heartsill

Great Texas Balloon Race (Revised)
1st Place - Brooke Owen
2nd Place - Ron Frusher
3rd Place - Rick Ashby

Ring Toss Winners
Bill Baker
John Petrehn
Joe Zvada
Westly Gibson
Chris Smart

Pat Cannon
Nick Donner
Steve Lombardi
Chris Smart


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