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U.S. National Championships

Tuesday Race

U.S. National Championships
July 29th - August 3rd, 2014

All flights July 28th - August 1st
will be over the Longview or Kilgore Area

The top 50 hot air balloon pilots in the United States will be in Longview July 28th - August 3rd to compete for the title U.S. National Champion. The winner of the U.S. National Championships and the runner-up will be qualified to compete in this years World Championship for Hot Air Balloons.

While in Longview, the U.S. National Championships will be having competitive flights each morning July 29th - August 3rd. July 28th is scheduled as a practice flight day which may or may not include all 50 pilots. Flights July 28th - August 1st, including the practice day will be in the morning over the Cities of Longview and Kilgore. It is important to note that the flights will not be at the East Texas Regional Airport until Saturday and Sunday morning.

Friday - Sunday August 1st - 3rd the balloon races for the U.S. Nationals will run concurrent with the races for the Great Texas Balloon Race. During these flights there will be additionall sport and special shape balloons in the air. The GTBR will follow its traditional schedule of Friday morning over Longview and the rest of the event at the East Texas Regional Airport.

Each day, the Championship Director and his scoring officials will determine the placement of targets and the tasks that the pilots will be competing in. Launch and landing sites are not know until the these critical decisions are made and the prevailing winds considered by the pilots where the best launch site will be.

Come prepared to watch the balloons over any part of Longview. Remember the best photographs will be those with the rising sun behind you and the balloons in front of you. Also, please use all caution possible and obey all traffic laws when watching or following the balloons.

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