Special Shapes

New this year, our seven special shape balloons will inflate in different places on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Inflations are set 7-7:45 a.m.


"Rocket" the Flying Squirrel sponsored by Longview Eye Associates will be at 102 Ruthlynn Drive, vacant lot west of Longview Eye Associates

"Spyderpig" sponsored by Christus Health will be at 327 E. Hawkins Pkwy., east of Northpark

"Buzzy" sponsored by Whataburger will be at 4150 W. Loop 281, vacant lot south of Whataburger on the NW Loop

"Billy the Kid" sponsored by the Diagnostic Clinic of Longview will be at 1187 East Hawkins Pkwy. 

"Zorro" the Raccoon sponsored by the Crain Foundation and Texas Bank and Trust will be at 400 E. Whaley St., east of TBT bank

"Sheriff Airmadillo" sponsored by Tomberlain Insurance and Johnson & Pace will be at 3140 Nealy Way, at "The Parc" at NE corner of U.S. 259 and Loop 281

"Mr. Winkle" sponsored by Books & Barrels will be at The Green, 207 S. Spur 63


Two shapes at Longview Mall parking lot

"Spyderpig" will be at Foster Middle School, 1504 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

"Zorro" will be at Whataburger, 4150 West Loop 281

"Buzzy" will be at "The Parc," 3140 Nealy Way


All shapes will be at 1120 Jaycee Drive (RayTex Field)